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ADAPTIVE SKIING: Slopes For All Abilities

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The weather might have been a little chilly but that didn't stop a group of Iowans from enjoying a day on the slopes.

The slopes at Seven Oaks in Boone are packed with those willing to go to great heights to experience the sport.

“There`s nothing like going down the hill, hitting those high speeds, getting them turns in and having the sense of freedom to be able to do what I want on the hill,” says Nick Bassett of Boone.

Bassett has been athletic his entire life, and although he doesn't have the use of his legs, that hasn't stopped him from taking on the sport of skiing.

“I don’t let my disability slow me down at all.  When I`m going down the hill it`s one of the greatest feelings in the world because it`s a sense of freedom,” says Bassett.

Nick and many others are able to take on the slopes because of Mike Boone.

“We started Adaptive Sports Iowa, because there was a glaring need within the state in term of sports opportunities for people with disabilities,” says Boone.

Boone started the organization in 2011 and hasn't looked back since.

“Using sport and recreation as a tool to increase quality of life is the whole reason we started this program, and just talking to people out here you understand instantly how powerful that can be,” says Boone.

Two kinds of specialized skis are used; all made specifically to help people with disabilities forget they have one.

The organization is always looking for volunteers and donations to make events like today possible.

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