DANCE MARATHON: Dancing To Help Fight Pediatric Cancer

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The state’s largest dance marathon finished up on Saturday night in Iowa City.

KWWL reported the University of Iowa hosted its twentieth dance marathon this weekend.

The dance marathon is an annual event that raises money to help parents whose children have cancer. This year’s dancers raised more than $1.8-million, $300,000 more than last year.

Those participating in the marathon have to dance for 24-hours straight.  The dancers are not allowed to sit, sleep or have any caffeinated drinks. Some of the participants in the event even shave their heads to show their support to the cause.

“I have experienced cancer first-hand and it’s not the prettiest.  It just means so much to me to help to these kids because they don’t deserve it and they really just deserve the best out of life and I want to give that to them,” said Christine

The big event ended at 7 p.m.

Since its creation, the annual dance marathon has raised more than $12-million to help families with kids suffering from pediatric cancer.