FLOPPY FANS: Film Festival Brings Back Famous Friend

Posted on: 12:32 am, February 9, 2014, by

Floppy fans got to see their old friend today at the Iowa Hall of Pride.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the Floppy Film Festival and stopped by to take a photo with the famous Floppy. Originally, the traveling festival had planned on only one showing. But they had so many Floppy fans call in that they decided to offer two showings.

“Never underestimate Floppy’s popularity or the support of his fans,” said Jeff Stein, Broadcast historian.

“Whether it’s social media, attendance at events like this, or wearing t-shirts at the State Fair; Floppy fans, or as I call them, Floppy nation is very strong,” Stein said.

The Floppy Film Festival travels to venues around Iowa so fans can see their old friend while doing some good in the community. All ticket proceeds from today go back into the Iowa Hall of Pride.


  • Jim from DM says:

    Floppy smelled like whiskey when I was on the show.

  • William Denison says:

    I have a Floppy joke.
    Q:Why did the Govenor of Iowa throw the clock out the window?
    A: Because he wants us all to live like we did the first time he was in office. Paying sky high taxs,record joblessness, our rights being walked on by state goverernment and its people wanting to be like to rest of the nation in a fly over state he and his very small click of followers feels hes king of.

  • Even Floopy can’t be just Floppy! Give him a break!

  • William Denison says:

    Floppy had ties to al qaeda.

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