THE INSIDERS: Naturopathic Medicine In Iowa, Part Three

A Des Moines father and daughter say they want lawmakers to know that Iowa is on the wrong side of naturopathic medicine.  The two are fighting for naturopathic treatments to be a bigger part of people’s healthy and treatment options.

Iowa is currently one of just three states in the U.S. that does not allow naturopathic medicines.  Naturopathic doctors, or N.D.s look for natural ways to stay healthy through foods, exercise and natural supplements.  Naturopathics focuses on treating the body as a whole, instead of traditional medicine and doctors which only address the symptoms.

Casey Green is a naturopathic doctor who moved back from her life on the west coast to take care of her father, Brent “Chris” Green, when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Her father, a Des Moines attorney, is fighting cancer and for the ability for his daughter to be able to practice naturopathic medicine here in Iowa.  Green said he believes in his daughter because she has helped him feel good during chemo and credits her for helping him to live better and longer than any other doctors expected him to.

Watch part four of the Insiders here.


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