HOME INVASION: Man Found Tied Up

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Police say they rescued a man who was tied up and screaming for help, Sunday night

Officers found 24-year-old Luis Orellana inside his apartment in the 2400 block of Hickman Road tied to a pole in his kitchen.

A neighbor heard him screaming and called police.

Orellana told investigators that two men knocked on his door and when he answered they pushed him inside.

They tied him up and one of the men used a dental pick to scratch “5M” onto Orellana’s chest.

The men left and took his keys.  Police haven’t named any suspects.

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  • ThinkingCap

    It’s scary to know there are people this heartless in the world. The same world I have to raise my kids in…scares me so much I ordered a camera system from Southern Circuits. I can’t imagine going through what that man is going through. Protect yourselves and your children people. Protect yourselves and your children.

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