LEGAL RIGHTS: Mom Talks On Police’s Racial Profiling

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One mother who believes her son was racially profiled last month by Des Moines Police said she hopes to educate other families on what to do if it happens to them.

Police said they were looking for a man named Derek when they stopped, frisked and detained 16-year-old Roman Miner in the street thinking he was Derek.

Roman's mother April Latimore said something needs to be done and children need to understand their rights.

“We stand here today saying, let’s fix this problem so it doesn't have to be your child," Latimore said.

Latimore said she was not immediately contacted by police when her son was questioned.

Sunday evening at Revival Center Church, families came together to educate their children about their rights. A new organization called C.I.T.Y, Citizens Immerse for Triumphant Youth, is meant to help with the learning process.

“Were here to bring our communities together we here to make sure things are fair, equal among our youth," said urban activist, Kenneth Cameron.

Police said officers can detain and search someone if that person matches the description of someone they are looking for.


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