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MISSING INFANT: 911 Calls Released

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The woman charged with kidnapping newborn could be transferred to Wisconsin later this week.

Kristen Smith is accused of kidnapping her half-sister's four-day old son last week.

The boy's mother, Brianna Marshall, woke up Thursday morning and found the baby missing from his crib.

911 dispatch:  okay what's going on? 

Marshall:  my son is missing.

911 dispatch:  how old is your son?

Marshall:  he's like four days old. 

911dispatch:  he's what?

Marshall:  he's four days old.  I put him to sleep in his crib and now he's not there.

Marshall went on to tell police she found a knife next to Kayden Powell's crib and that her half-sister Kristen Smith was also missing.

At the time Marshall was confident Smith had nothing to do with the disappearance.

911 Dispatch:  And you already talked to Kristen?

Marshall:  Yes I called her and she's bawling her eyes out and told me to call the cops.

911 Dispatch:  Okay, and she's claiming she doesn't have the kid, correct?

Marshall:  No, she wouldn't take my son.

Smith was arrested that same day in West Branch on an outstanding warrant out of Texas. The baby was located the next morning near the gas station Smith was arrested at.

Kayden Powell was uninjured despite spending more than 24-hours outside tucked inside a tote with blankets.