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The mother of a two-year-old was arrested Saturday after police say she left the child in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Des Moines Walmart.

Twenty-five-year-old Desiree Perry-Temple is charged with child endangerment.

She allegedly left her son in a parked, unlocked van at the Southeast 14th Street Walmart Saturday afternoon. A passerby saw the child and notified Walmart employees who called police.

Perry-Temple says the child’s grandmother checked on the child from the front door of the store several times.

The police report shows the child was in the van for over an hour.


  • Sam Azzabazzazzo

    but if you are a white hospital administrator in Dallas county you can leave your infant in a van all day and cook it to death and voilla nothing happens to you. Guess being white does give you priviliges in Iowa.

  • stop having kids

    I totally agree Sam. That woman didn’t get punished by the court at all. I know, I know people say she punished herself. Ugh, This stupid woman and grandmother were more interested in shopping than anything else. What if the child got out and run over. Who would they sue? I’m so sick of parents putting themselves first.

  • my3suns

    Take them in or leave them at home with a responsible adult. I’m not sure why this isn’t common sense or parenting 101?

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