NEW BILL: Protecting People And Pets In Domestic Abuse Households

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The Iowa Senate is looking at a bill to better protect pets in domestic abuse households. The bill would make it easier for victims of domestic abuse to include their pets in a protective order.

Originally there was concern that the bill will affect farmers; however supporters say commercial livestock's not included under the bill, only companion pets.

While many animal rights groups are backing the bill, advocates say this is about people more than it is pets. According to the American Humane Association, roughly 70 percent of pet-owning women entering shelters reported their abuser had injured or threatened to abuse a family pet to control their victims.

Adrienne Smith has spent three years working with politicians pushing this bill forward.

“Let’s make this easier for a victim to leave a dangerous relationship. Let’s give them one little thing, one law that's going to make it easier for them to leave," Smith said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of the bill last week.  There is not yet a set date for when the full Senate will take up the bill.


  • Terry

    Ok Iowa really i have personally seen how domestic abuse laws are implemented I have personally seen doctors lawyers ect. on both sides and law enforcement personal involved in domestic violence this is not being corrected because of influence of the most important or the majority rule where the woman is always the victim how many times has the actual perp. been excused because of status or slipping through the cracks this is sad that we are going to make animals more important than human beings whats wrong with you people !

  • Jody

    I think This Bill is an Excellent Thing to do. After Watching the News Video, it IS true that Abusive Partners Do use a family pet, as a measure to “Get Even” with the person they are abusive towards.
    If Abusive to humans? Abusive towards Animals is there also.
    I Vote For This Bill !!

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