SECRET MENU: Students Design Food App

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A love of fast food and a school challenge led one group of teens to create an app that anyone can use.

“People like to go to restaurants, people like me.  I like to eat and I don’t want to be limited to what’s on the menu,” said Elijah Ralston, student at BCLUW.

Elijah Ralston, Austin Willet and Josh Sharp invented an app for your smartphone, called the Secret Menu. The three BCLUW students said they originally came up with the idea for the app from a school contest.

The Secret Menu lists items you won’t find on most fast food menus.  Items like a Big McChicken, where you get chicken instead of the beef on a Big Mac.

You could also try the pie McFlurry at McDonald’s. Burger King has something called the suicide burger.

But the unique items aren’t found everywhere.

“A lot of the items are at participating locations, they aren’t at every location,” said student Josh Sharp.

“I can click on it, it shows all of the items on their secret menu,” Sharp said.

The students each won a choice of donuts or pizza from Casey’s, which by the way does not have any items on the Secret Menu app.

Download the app for Android here. Apple iPhone users who want to download the Secret Menu app must directly email  Currently, the app is free to download.

Follow the Secret Menu app on Twitter here.

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  • Mike Cee

    That assumes anyone would actually be dumb enough to eat the garbage that fast food joints try to pass off as food. No thanks.

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