COUNCIL SEAT: Gatto Will Be Allowed To Run

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A special committee has decided Joe Gatto can run for the Ward Four city council seat in Des Moines.

A Des Moines woman challenged Gatto’s residency because he has two homes. One is in Ward Four and the other is in Ward Three.

A panel made up of the mayor, a council member and the city clerk discussed the matter Tuesday afternoon and decided Gatto is still eligible to run.

The special election will be held on March 4th.


  • William Denison

    I wouldn’t vote for this guy no matter what party he belongs to. Pretty shady buying a ghost house to run for a office. Smells of GOP.

  • Jon smith

    I dont care if your still living at your moms house! / visiting and spending the night every so often or should i say the house you bought her

  • Jim Zupan

    I don’t care what party he belongs to. This is simple, He can only run in the ward his primary residence is in. Anything else is just wrong. Shame on the committee that thought this was a good idea.

  • Charlie Miller

    Joe Gatto grew up on the south-side still lives and owns a business there if anyone has the right to run for that seat he does. It’s for a council seat not a senate seat. Some people have to much time on there hands.

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