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MAIN STREET: Guthrie Center Revitalization

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Main Street Iowa has announced its new main street communities for the coming year.

They include Avoca, Newton, and Guthrie Center.

“Eighty some people out of Guthrie Center volunteered to do various aspects of the application process,” says volunteer Marion McQuaid.

It took a lot of people and meetings, but Guthrie Center was one of three chosen for the new class of Iowa main street communities.

Now the town will set about a plan to upgrade the look of its downtown buildings. That includes plans for a new streetscape design.

The goal is to make the town attractive and for new companies to move there with jobs in tow.

“Our generation before us spent years and years and years building this town. Over the economic crisis and the farm crisis, our town went downhill just a little bit. We’re gonna rebuild this again for the future generation,” says Ken Laughery with the Guthrie Center Revitalization Corporation.

Main Street Iowa representatives are in Guthrie Center Tuesday to meet with the city council. You can attend a town hall meeting Tuesday where plans for the project will be discussed at 5:30 p.m. at the activity center.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    Please, restore the historical look for the overall theme with complimentary but distinctly individual storefronts, and strongly consider a pedestrian mall with adequate parking on the perimeter, that way you have an inviting, peaceful atmosphere where people will want to go instead of crowded malls and urban centers.

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