THREAT CHARGE: Man Arrested After Standoff

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A northwest Iowa man has been jailed for allegedly making threats against law enforcement officers.

According to the Sac County Sheriff’s Office, 73-year-old James Fertig of rural Lake View was taken into custody Saturday after a short standoff.

Officials say Fertig called 911 Saturday afternoon and threatened to shoot law enforcement that came onto his property or drove by his house slowly. A similar threat had been made in the last few weeks.

Because of Fertig’s calls, a warrant for terroristic threats was issued along with a search warrant for firearms. The Special Emergency Response Team went to Fertig’s home to serve the search warrants and a standoff of about an hour ensued.

Fertig initially refused to come out of the home but after speaking several times with SERT, he surrendered without incident.

Fertig is being held in the Sac County Jail without bond, pending his initial appearance.

He has also been charged with felon in possession of firearms after officials found four guns in his home.