HIT-AND-RUN: Boy Hit Outside School

Des Moines police are looking for the driver that hit a child outside a school Wednesday evening.

Police say Ricky Meneweather suffered a head injury in the hit and run. His condition is listed as fair.

Witnesses say the driver was turning west on to Euclid Avenue near Second Avenue when he hit the 12-year-old.

Police say Meneweather was attending a dance at Harding Middle School. He went across the street to get some snacks and was hit while walking back to the dance.

A bag of Bugles was strewn in the street along with a hat and a shoe.

“One of the witnesses did state that the vehicle slowed down and pulled over and then pulled away.  We don’t know if he knew he hit someone or not,” Des Moines police Sergeant Matthew Schmell said.

Police are looking for a late 90’s red Jeep Cherokee possibly with damage to the front.

Officers did stop a red Jeep at 6th and Hickman, took some photographs, processed it but they let the driver go.


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