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LOTTERY WINNERS: Duo Wins Dream Trip To… Cleveland?

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Most dream vacations head someplace tropical, but this one is bound for Cleveland. And a pair of central Iowa sports fans couldn't be happier.

Wouldn’t you know? It was a plain old winter day at the Haigh’s house, pretty much one for the birds, until the phone rang.

“She said 'we won!'" said Carrie Haigh. "I mean, I’m still kind of in shock.”

It was the Iowa Lottery’s Pro Football Hall of Fame contest. Haigh had used her losing Powerball numbers to enter.

“Why not?" she said."They’re losing tickets, anyway. So you might as well do something with them.”

All was quiet at the Des Moines Register’s distribution center; nothing worthy of a headline, but then Joe Grochala got an email and wouldn’t you know?

“Read the email and was like ‘Yeah! I just won!’” Grochala smiled.

Grochala and the Haighs are heading to Cleveland in May where they’ll commute to the Hall of Fame’s Tailgate Party and join 100 NFL legends in Canton. Up close and personal.

“Terry Bradshaw, of course, and I think he’ll probably be there," said Grochala.

“We go back to Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers,” Haigh pointed out.

And wouldn’t you know? They’ll get tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, spending money, and a chance to win a million dollars.

“I’m still trying to let it sink in,” Grochala added.

From a plain old day to one that keeps getting better.

“We’ve also never been to Cleveland," Haigh said, "so we’ll have to get a magnet and a cup, maybe.”

A dream trip to Cleveland.  Wouldn’t you know?


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