PRIVACY LAW: Drone Bill Clears House Committee

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State lawmakers are taking steps to protect Iowans from the watchful eye in the sky.  In a unanimous vote Wednesday, the House Public Safety Committee passed a bill that would place restrictions on the use of drone cameras.

“Just don't be recording.  Don't go over someone else's property and record.  These are common sense Iowa values I think we're just applying to new technology,” says Rep. Jarad Klein, (R) House District 78.

House File 427 would require state agencies, individuals and even police to get permission before recording their flights.

“If they're going to use them for investigation, and they're going to be any kind of recording, they need to have a search warrant,” says Klein.

The bill does include exceptions for law enforcement.

“Most of the concerns were about privacy and I believe that the bill addresses those,” says Rep. Marti Anderson, (D) House District 36.

Anderson says it sets ground rules for aerial video and imposes penalties when necessary.

“People are going to have them and we just want to make sure that they don't use them to commit crimes against other people,” says Anderson.

Following today's 20 to zero vote, the proposal is expected to move to the House floor for debate.

Separate drone legislation is proposed in the Iowa Senate.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has yet to vote on its version of the bill.


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