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QUICK THINKING: Ankeny Teen Gets Heroism Award

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An Ankeny teen has received one of scouting’s highest honors for risking his own life to save his father, brother, and countless others.

Craig Gaumer of Ankeny was driving his son’s home from a swim meet last February along the interstate when he had a stroke. He immediately was unable to see or stop the car. That’s when his 16-year old son Peyton, an Eagle Scout, stepped in.

"Dad just told me to grab the wheel and I asked why? And he said just do it and so I grabbed the wheel and we pulled it over to the side of the road." Peyton recalls.

"Peyton saved my life, his brother's life, and anybody else who was on Interstate 80 that night," Craig Gaumer says. "Because there was absolutely no way I could have safely stopped that car."

Because of his Boy Scout training, Peyton says he quickly recognized his father was having a stroke and called 911. This week, Peyton was awarded the Honor Medal for Heroism by the Boy Scouts of America, an honor given to only 2,500 scouts over the past 90-years.