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SPRING BREAK: School Cutting Vacation Because Of New Rules

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A new state requirement could mean changes to family vacation plans for some in eastern Iowa.

KWWL reports starting next year, public school students in Dubuque won’t have a week-long spring break.

“We were very conscious that any change in the calendar has an impact,” says school board president Mike Donohue.

A new state law that goes into effect July 1st says schools must meet a minimum of either 180 days or 1,080 hours per school year. Districts statewide are revising calendars because of it.

The Dubuque School Board voted this week to eliminate a week of spring break. That will shave three days off the end of that district’s school year.

Not everyone is on board with the change.

“Some parents will be upset about it. Some parents will think it’s a good idea to be able to get the summer here faster, especially with all the snow days we have and everything,” says Dubuque mom, Kelly Rett.

The Dubuque calendar change also got rid of the early release on Wednesdays every week and added a one- hour late start each Friday, for staff development.

Des Moines Public Schools told us Wednesday nothing is currently being discussed or considered about a change to future spring breaks.