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New rules from the Iowa Department of Transportation are in effect as of Wednesday for automated red light and speed cameras.

The new regulation requires cities and counties to justify the use of many of the red light and speed cameras in the state.

The DOT says it wants to make sure the cameras are only used where they are needed to improve safety — not just to generate revenue. It will be up to the DOT to make the call about whether new cameras should go up, and whether existing cameras should stay up, on the state’s primary highway system.

The DOT will be requiring proof that the cameras actually make a difference.

“It’s something that we just think is a really good thing for Iowans that we’re making sure that these systems are about safety and if there’s anything else we should be doing, we’re going to look at it together and it’s really a system where we want to work with the cities and come up with good solutions,” says Steve Gent, Director of the IDOT Office of Traffic & Safety.

Under the new rules Iowa cities and counties will have to submit justification reports for their cameras to the DOT for review by May 1st, 2014.