BLACK HISTORY: Drake Menu Leaves Bad Taste

Drake University’s dining hall plans on serving a second dinner honoring Black History Month, after criticism following Wednesday’s meal.

The university’s food services provider, Sodexo, advertised a menu for Black History Month including fried chicken and collard greens.

“I just kind of felt like it was based around a stereotype that I just didn’t feel comfortable with,” student Jashay Fisher-Fowler said.

After Drake’s Coalition of Black Students expressed concern over the meal, the provider added historical information sheets about African American history and soul food.

Drake University says its food service provider Sodexo made this decision independent of the university, calling it “inappropriate and misguided.”

Sodexo later released an apology for offending many members of the Drake Community.

“Sodexo would like to apologize for hosting a dinner on Wednesday evening intended to celebrate Black History Month, but instead offended many members of the Drake community.

“As in past years, we should have communicated and collaborated with the coalition of black students on this event in order to make it a learning opportunity for drake students. “


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