HELPFUL GIFT: Students Donate To Wasike Fund

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A group of metro junior high students are helping a man on his road to recovery.

Indian Hills Junior High students Matt Lowe & Danielle Rinn heard about the beating of Mike Wasike on the news and decided to help.

They won a relay that earned them $100. Instead of spending the money on themselves, the students unanimously decided to give it to the Wasike family through Team Wasike.

Since last February Mike Wasike has been recovering from a brutal carjacking.

Thursday morning, the group of teens that made the bold choice to give were honored.

It was touching for everyone in attendance, including Wasike's wife Joan.

“You know today is like a very exciting day to see these young kids and what they can do, to turn something bad in a good event like this. They are showing they're very caring kids and this is a good example to the community,” says Joan Namachemo.

“One-hundred dollars may not be a lot in the overall scheme, but it's gigantic in the symbol that it gives coming from a group of young people, I think, just gigantic,” says Jim Riordan of the Maple Grove United Methodist Church.

Police say three teens pulled Wasike from his car at gunpoint and beat him up, leaving him with severe brain trauma last year.

Wasike is getting specialized care in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has a long road to recovery.  His wife says he's still not able to speak or walk.

Since he was attacked, more than $60,000 in donations have been given to the family.

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  • Sandy Murphy

    why does it takes so long to have a trial for the boys
    who beat this man up he cant talk or walk It
    is terrible they need to be in prison for attempted
    murder they left him for dead

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