RECORD PROFITS: Deere Lays Off 120 In Quad Cities

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Deere and Company announced record first quarter profits Wednesday. On Thursday the company laid off 120 workers in the Quad Cities.

Despite earning over $680 million, the world’s largest maker of farm equipment says it is predicting a slowdown in the farm equipment market in months to come.

Commodity prices are expected to drop after a bumper crop in 2013. The company expects that to affect new purchases of farming equipment.

Deere cut more than 100 jobs from its Ankeny factory last fall.


  • John J.

    And every one of the Ankeny employees laid off in the fall were already called back to work.
    Way to tell the whole story.
    Farm machinery manufacturing, and manufacturing in general, can be seasonal. Sometimes you don’t have work for the guys on certain assembly lines until the season comes back around.

  • William Denison

    And sometimes your government sells out its workers and backs unfair trade laws like NAFTA and sends those workers jobs to Mexico and China. Just ask Chuck Grassley who voted for it. Vote out the GOP and you’ll get to keep your job.

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