MORNING SNOW: Drivers Take It Slow

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Another round of winter weather rolled through Iowa just in time for the Friday morning commute.

The falling snow mixed with re-freeze from Thursday’s melt made for some slick spots on roadways. We caught up with some people pulled over at an Interstate 35 rest stop near Story City.

“I think all of the drivers were being very cognizant of the conditions and just being real safe, and again, the road crews are doing a good job out there,” says Bruce Perry of Oklahoma.

Early this morning, drivers say once they got out of Des Moines the snow really started to pick up and it was blowing across the roadway.

Snow plows were out early to deal with the conditions though, and a lot of people kept their speed down and drove a little more sensibly.

This morning’s commute, plus several storms this winter, had some drivers looking forward to spring, or even a more permanent solution.

“I’ve had enough of it, this is when I’m tempted to move south,” says Kathy Nothdorf of Des Moines.

Check out statewide road conditions here.