SUSPECT ARRESTED: Linked To Two Robberies

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Des Moines police have made an arrest in connection with two recent robberies in the city.

Police say 40-year-old Matthew Leonard of Des Moines is charged with two counts of second degree robbery.

The Family Dollar at 200 Army Post Road was robbed on January 26th. The suspect got away with an unknown amount of cash after threatening employees that he would shoot or stab them.

The Game Stop at 5126 SE 14th was robbed February 4th. The suspect threatened to shoot employees and stole cash and merchandise from the store. Images from surveillance video of the suspect were released to media.

Police say an informant who saw news coverage of the Game Stop robbery contacted them and let them know Leonard was a possible suspect.

Leonard is being held in the Polk County Jail.


    • Justin mcfadden

      Ill tell u like this Dave watch the bulshit that comes outta yiur mouth bro ill tell u this he’s been the best father to he’s 3 boys than anyone I’ve seen you obviously have nothing better Ti do with your life that sit in a computer abd talk trash punk I ain’t got a clue ..yeah so what if he got addicted to somthing he had no control over yeah in sure he new but when yiur messed up u really don’t care and I guess he thought he had to do wgat he did to survive he’s a grown man and now has to be held accountable for he’s aacqutions so be it punk but don’t open your mouth if u don’t know the bussiness fagget I’m pretty sure he’s been to jail one time in he’s freakin life and just happend to make a bad decision but who the hell are you to talk on behalf of Somone …with that said keep your mouth shut

  • Justin mcfadden

    I’ve known that dude for 20 plus yrs and he had lectured me a million times yeah he took a bad step in the wrong direction at a bad time that guy put he’s kids first in anything abd everything he’s done so keep yourself annonymous douce bag u obviously see I’m not keepin my name quite cause I know the facts I’ve been around him for yrs ask anyone that knows him he tought football baseball abd did everything with he’s kids just some people hit Rick bottom abd don’t know what Ti do so let me say it again I won’t let u sit here abd bash a good dude if he was I’d be with ya but I know for a fact unlike u

  • Lexi

    I understand that you all have known this man for many years, but I am one of the victims of his crimes, I can’t say that he is a pos but I can say that he is definitely in the wrong, he shouldn’t have done what he did to those of us who were in the stores, if he was addicted to drugs at the time and felt that if he robbed a few places to “survive” then he should have thought twice. This man has hurt people mentally, but I pray that he fights through his withdrawal and becomes a better person. I personally have no grudge against him, I just hope he gets the help that he needs.

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