VALENTINE’S DAY: Local Florists Prepared

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Metro florists are ready for Valentine’s Day and are hoping it will be their Black Friday.

At Doherty flowers Thursday, the shop brought in a masseur to help ease the aches and pains of employees who’ve been working around the clock all week.

They say there is still a small window Friday morning to order flowers and have them delivered. But if you wait too long, this is the response you’ll get.

“On Friday afternoons when guys come at two or three in the afternoon and ask if they can get something delivered, I say no, because you’re going to deliver it yourself,” says Robyn Sloan, shop owner.

Sloan says the weather will be perfect for deliveries. However the winter storm in the southeast grounded flights that would have brought them more fresh flowers.

Sloan says the shop has enough roses to fill all its orders.

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  • William Denison

    Before I left for work today I left my wife a ring in the bathroom for Valentine’s Day. A ring around the bathtub for her to clean.

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