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Every year people feel the pressure as they try to find the gift that says “I love you” best.

At Doherty’s, flowers are a favorite. But owner Robyn Sloan says you don’t have to buy a bouquet to stop and smell the roses on Valentine’s Day. Sloan says, “There’s candy there’s balloons, people buy scarves, they buy jewelry they buy all kinds of things.”

And while her employees snip, sort, and string, Drake University Choir Members deliver a gift you can’t wrap. Student Kristina Libbery says a song sends the same message as flowers, and it’s sweeter than candy. Libbery says, “It’s something that does last in your memory unlike chocolates which are delicious, but they don’t really last and leave that impression.”

But no matter what you give or get, the real gift is having someone to celebrate it with.