CENTSABLE HEALTH: Heart Healthy Foods

February is all about Valentine's Day of course, but it is also heart health month.

Fareway Dietitian Whitney Packebush showed some foods have fats that are healthier for you than others.  Packebush said you want to eat unsaturated fats because they are much healthier for your heart than the saturated and trans fats.

Tasty options to get your healthy fats are peanut butters, tuna fish and salmon.  If you like red meats, try to stick to a pork tenderloin (it's a leaner meat than boneless, skinless chicken breast) or a top sirloin petite roast.  Packebush says pork tenderloins are a great everyday option while the roast is a great treat because it cooks like a roast but is flavorful like a steak.

Questions about heart healthy foods can be sent to the centsablehealth@farewaystores.com.

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