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BIBLE BUMP: Hotel To Pull Book From Guest Rooms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If you open up the bedside drawer in a hotel room, you’ll likely find a bible. But starting on March 1, the Iowa State University’s Hotel Memorial Union will be removing these bibles from its guest rooms.

The decision came after a guest complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the “unwelcome religious propaganda in the bedside table.”

“Personally I don’t think they’re really forcing anything on anybody," said Iowa State University student Will Determan.

But the FFRF disagreed. According to its staff attorney, providing one religious text over another is an illegal endorsement by the state-run university.

The hotel plans on moving the bibles downstairs to the browsing library. While the library has limited hours, the hotel’s 24-hour front desk is able to unlock the room if a guest makes a request.

Freshmen Mark Ivey says he’s a Christian, but not a big bible reader.

“I’d tell them it’s 2014 and there are a lot bigger issues on the table than to complain about a book with 400 pages being in your nightstand," Ivey said.

He says his religion is up to him, not his nightstand.


    • Troy Hendrickson

      Get a life, no ones ability to practice their faith as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded is being affected by this, it’s just one the things the shallow and petty of the religious right scream about to draw attention to themselves.

      • Dona Prescott

        And, how were Bibles in hotel nightstands a threat to the atheists? talk about “…needing to get a life!” What they can NEVER explain to me their fascination with what they insist is a non-existent entity!

    • Troy Hendrickson

      And how are your religious freedoms violatred by this? There wasn’t even a Biblre when Jesus walked the earth and He certainly never told corrupt religious leaders to create one. Here you are whining about a book when you should be concerning yourself with the things gave you, feeding the poor, healing the sick and leading humble modest lives.

      • truefreedome

        Why does having a Bible in a drawer bother you,Troy? And if Muslims wish to put the Koran in hotel drawer for others to read, fine. I just might look through it to see what it has to say. Why are the FFRFers so afraid of anyone reading the Bible?

      • Robert Allen

        truefreedom – as a member of both the FFRF and ACLU for decades – the issue is NOT being “afraid of the Bible” – the ISSUE is about the placements of the Bibles in rooms OWNED by a Public Institution that receives Public tax-money – and the Christian religion being FAVORED – over other religions or no religions – to spread their Propaganda – AT Public Tax-Payer expense!!!!! THIS is a Violation of the Establishment Clause of OUR First Amendment – that was adopted in 1791 !!!!!

        Ever since 1791 – MANY Christians have Violated this Establishment Clause – wanting to use Public tax-money – to promote a Private religious thingy.

        Since the Christians who want to Violate OUR Constitution – Obviously HATE our Constitution SO Much – WHY do they even want to live IN America -THE Leading Democracy of the FREE World (or so the Propaganda tells us)!!!!!!

      • Robert Allen

        So – Ishmale Whale [sic] – you would use the Koran as toilet paper. That’s a Great Christian Witness statement that You are making – as to How you see yourself leading a Christ-Like Life – particularly – in Loving your Neighbor As Yourself !!!!!

        I, as an Atheist – Love this Kind of Christian Witness – because it Says – Christ-Likeness – So Loud and Clear !!!!!

      • Dr. Craig Holoboski

        Actually there was a Torah and Jesus read from it at his local Synagogue…Obviously no written down part of the New Testament until years after He died and rose…

      • Rick

        Troy, I couldn’t help but see your post. Jesus life mimicks the things in the Bible. If Christ hadn’t come there would be no reason to have a Bible. He finished the foundation to write the Bible story. But your saying he should be out healing the sick, and helping the poor. That’s everybodys job, Christian or not. Christ did those things if you’ll read the Bible you will learn that. The Bible says many called but few are chosen. So he personally couldn’t do that unless that is Gods plan for his life. Since you have mentioned it, I’d like to know if you are doing this thing. If not don’t Judge anyone till you do, what you are recommending what they should be doing. LOVE IS THE KEY TO LIFE, if you can’t LOVE yourself than you will never be able to LOVE anyone else. Christians aren’t perfect, they are just forgiven

    • Harry Moyer

      And if it was the Koran instead of the Bible, how well do you think your talking point would hold water then to the Flat Earthers? They’d be calling for the place to be burnt to the ground.

    • Robert Allen

      With YOUR attitude and YOUR Christian Witness, John, we DON’T have freedom FROM Religion !!!!!

      I’ve been a proud member of BOTH the FFRF and the ACLU for decades !!!!!!

      YOUR Christian Witness, John – IS YOUR Statement of HOW YOU, John, like a Christ-like life. YOUR Christian Witness, John, shows that you ARE Headed straight to that Lake of Fire that brother John writes about in the Book of Revelations !!!!!!

  • Jonathan Law

    “I’d tell them it’s 2014 and there are a lot bigger issues on the table then to complain about a book with 400 pages being in your nightstand,” Ivey said.

    Is that what he actually said, or does Courtney Johns not know the difference between then and than? I’m sorry for calling out Ms. Johns because this is the same problem I see with all over WHO, KCCI and, even more so, the Register.

    • Godfrey Johnson

      I see the same problem, Jonathan. Look how William misspells the third word in his comment directly above yours.

  • William Denison

    Anyone who needs a book to learn how to be a good person is already a lost cause.Christians are the biggest fakes and fools I’ve ever seen.

  • William Denison

    Being on a nightstand in a hotal room in Ames theres no telling how many peoples dried body fulids are on these books.

    • Ishmale Whale

      I would worry more about the contamination of the TV remote, especially in hotels that have adult PPV movies. The remote is one of the most ignored item to house cleaning. The phone is the next one.

  • Paul Orton

    This is the main reason our country is in such turmoil, we bow down to ignorant people and take Jesus out of everything. If the the anti Christ don’t like the Bible in their nightstand it because they know they are wrong, let them go sleep in a barn.

  • Eric

    I’m assuming they will also be removing the armed man in the corner whose job it is to force people to open the Bible and read it.

  • Kristy

    If you want to read Charles Dickens, bring your own. If you want to read Three Billy Goats Gruff, bring your own. If you want to read The Bible, bring your own. Problem solved.

  • John

    How small and petty does your mind have to be, to complain about a bible in a nightstand drawer, a book that your hotel did NOT have to pay for because a group, the Gideons, put it there for free?

    Anytime I’ve ever been in a hotel, I’ve had more important concerns – I guess some don’t

    • Troy Hendrickson

      How petty do you have to be to complain about them being removed from a state owned motel that you’ll most likely never step foot in, when there are many things that Christ asked us to do that you could be worrying about instead?

      Oh wait, complaining is a good way to draw attention yourself…

  • Sad for America

    Wow. Whoever these people are who complained are sick and twisted. They leave depressing, pathetic lives and I pity them. Freedom From Religion Foundation? Sounds like a “hate group” to me disguising themselves as something else, just another organization creating policies that lead to the decay of our society. You should all be very proud of yourselves, your time will come. What if I like having the bible in my room, can I complain and have them reinstated? Doubtful, I’m a Christian white man. They will only listen to me if I’m a black transsexual communist from Cuba or anything similar.

      • Sad for America

        it isn’t about me having a bible to read. I don’t read one at home I sure as crap aren’t going to read one in the hotel, but I do know that America was built on christian and family values and you can see what happens in this country and the world when you leadership doesn’t have it and even discriminates against it.

  • Amy

    The bibles are provided by the Gideons. Check out their website. They are a group of Christian professionals and businessmen who desire to provide Bibles for people to read. Whether or not one accepts what is in the Bible or chooses to believe what is in it is up to that individual. The Gideons are simply desiring to provide Bibles. When has there ever been a Gideon in a hotel room forcing their beliefs on an individual? Whether or not one chooses to read the provided Bible is entirely up to that person.

    The Gideons is an organization that has the right to free speech in this country and providing a free Bible is part of that right just as anyone has the right to read the Bible or not read it.

    It is disgusting to me that they are having that right terminated in this situation.

    • Chris

      So Amy you would not be against room with a bible to then also have the Koran, or Satanic versus and all other religious denominations/sect writings. You’d need a who bookshelf.

      Then again, I wonder what christians would be insulted to see anything other then their bible next to the Satanic versus, or some Muslim to see their book next to a christian bible.

      Easier to just not have anything then have one thing and upset other groups.

      • Ishmale Whale

        I do not know the cable TV lineup they have, but if CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), or one of the other Christian based networks in the package, is that state sponsorship of religion? Someone could be offended by seeing the channel. A Christian may want and expect that channel. Some say bring your own bible, but you can’t bring your own network. Blocking the channel blocks a Christian from exercising their religion by being blocked from the network.
        The bible is a book. It’s presence in no way compels anyone to open it and read it, unless the person wants to. I don’t read it, but I do flip through the pages. Sometimes a believer puts in a dollar or two in the pages as a reward to those who do choose to open and read it.

      • Robert Allen

        Ishmale (sic) Whale – the issue IS that this IS a University – receiving Public tax-money – and the placement of a Bible – IS a VIOLATION of the Establishment Clause of OUR First Amendment to OUR Constitution – of the US of A – THE Leading Democracy of the FREE World (or so the Propaganda tells us) !!!!!

        The Establishment Clause of OUR First Amendment – adopted in 1791 – FORBIDS the usage of Public tax-money for Private Religious thingies !!!!!!

        IF you DON’T LIKE and RESPECT OUR Constitution – WHY DO YOU even WANT to live in the US of A ????????

    • ed-words

      In a Mariott hotel room? Fine.
      NOT in a tax-supported hotel room.

      (Now if they’ll just remove the ‘cheesy Jesus’ from
      the Montana ski lodge . . . )

  • Robert Allen

    Ever since 1791 when the First Amendment to OUR Constitution was adopted – MANY Christians have VIOLATED the Establishment Clause of OUR First Amendment.

    I DON’T understand why ANY of these Christians would even want to live in America – with OUR Constitution – which IS the Leading Democracy of the FREE World (or so the Propaganda tells us) !!!!!!

  • Ruth Walker

    Suppose any of them have read Matthew 6 where it is clear that flaunting your religion is a no-no? Most probably haven’t read much of the bible anyway or they’d reject it.

    • Robert Allen

      BUT, Ruth – the absolutely FASCINATING thingy about these Christian Commentators IS that IN their Commentary – the ARE SHOWING – EVERYONE their Christian Witness – which IS a statement about HOW they see themselves – LIVING a Christ-LIKE Life !!!!!!

      As an Atheist – I LOVE these various Christian Witness Comments – because the say – SO LOUDLY – what it MEANS to LIVE a Christ-LIKE Life !!!!!!!

    • Robert Allen

      Dinkus – When your religious beliefs is centered on Violating the Establishment Clause of OUR US of A Constitution – you really need to reexamine your religious beliefs !!!!

    • Robert Allen

      SO, JerryFrey – you have an assertion that you personally can not summarize – because you are too lazy – so you provide a link – out of laziness !!!! Also – your assertion – is only that – an assertion – that IS intellectually bankrupt !!!!!!

      • Robert Allen

        Thanks for the link, Ruth. The thing that Amazes me with a large number of these Christian Witness folk (particularly the ones that SHOW such a wonderful Christ-LIKE-ness within their Christian Witness) IS – that they have NO sense about the TREMENDOUS Freedom – for ALL – offered by the Establishment Clause of OUR First Amendment – for the Constitution of the US of A – THE Leading Democracy of the FREE World (or so the Propaganda tells us).

        I’m currently writing a book on America’s Architecture of the Cold War (1945 – 1991). The chapter that I’m just finishing deals with the contributions that the Fourth Protestant Awakening (think Billy Graham, NAE, Youth For Christ, and Carl McIntire) made to this American Architecture.

        Naturally, I had to learn about ALL Four Protestant Awakenings – from Jonathan Edwards in 1735 – through Charles Finney (roughly 1820 – 1860) – through Dwight Moody and Billy Sunday (roughly 1870 – 1930) – through Bill Graham and Carl McIntire (1943 – 1970) – to write the chapter.

        As an Atheist – I am Amazed at the lack of understanding that a great number of Christian Theists (that I speak with and Blog with) have about these Four Protestant Awakenings – that cover the past 2 1/2 Centuries of American History.

        Thanks gain, Ruth – for the link !!!!!!

        Faithlessly yours,

        Bob Allen

    • Ruth Walker

      Yeah, right! The trinity was decided by a close vote in the fourth century! Go figure! (Remember this was earlier than the problem the Church had with Galileo, insisting on the cosmology described in Genesis instead of what could be seen with a telescope.

    • Robert Allen

      With not NEARLY even a hundred comments within this Blog Space – international and domestic relations a disaster – and you and your husband pulling your kids out (of exactly what, you don’t say) – your comment, Tina, relates to the Bibles placed in guest rooms – in the following manner – …. – well, relates …… – well – maybe you can relate it all – somehow !!!!

  • Overcast451

    Funny part is you ‘enlightened ones’ – are the ones nerd raging with all the CAPS – because people won’t accept “your truth” – I can see you all are quite the ‘freedom loving’ types, eh?

    It’s not like it’s anything new – most other motels/hotels have them. IT’s just a damn book people – I promise it won’t bite you at night, lol.

    But alas; nerd rage on!!

    *ps, you guys could just burn them you know!?!?

    • Robert Allen

      Oh My – Hoyt – Fails to understand – that Even in the nightstand – the placement of a Bible – by a Public Institution – receiving Public tax-money – that the placement of Private religious thingies – Violates OUR Constitution and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

      Hoyt – Why do you Hate OUR Constitution So Much ??????

      Since, Hoyt – You Hate OUR Constitution – Why Do you even Want to Live in America – The Leading Democracy of the Free World (or so the Propaganda tells us) ????

      Why, Hoyt – Why ?????

  • Bob

    It locks me out from ever staying at this motel! I DON’T STAY WHERE THEY DON’T HAVE GIDEON BIBLES AVAILABLE! What idiots,…… more than likely this “person” that complained only stayed there once and won’t ever again!

    • Dr. Craig Holoboski

      Actually I have been in many hotels where the Works of Buddha were in the nightstand and over 21 years I never heard ANYONE run out of the room screaming… Mr. Martin, supra, has voiced his free opinion and demonstrated the animus Athiests have towards all religions, not just Christianity…His statement is the most clear choice he can make and I wish him Eternal Well Being with the results of it…

    • Ruth Walker

      As is often the case, someone is trying to appeal to the gullibly. I took time to check out only one, but the William Ernest Henley quote was from “Invictus” (a short Victorian poem written in 1875 and published in 1888 in his first volume of poems, Book of Verses, where it is the fourth poem in the section Life and Death (Echoes), and titled “Out of the night that covers me”. Since he died in 1903, it was hardly on his deathbed!

      Read the poem here:

      On the other hand, there was Mother Teresa:

      The well-documented book, “Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict” by Aroup Chatterjee (a physician born in Calcutta whose wife is a Roman Catholic psychiatrist) explained that Mother Teresa didn’t do what most in the west thought. (Those who believe it is blessed to be poor do little to change it.)

      • Robert Allen

        Ruth – These Christian Witness folk – like the guy posting that death bed thingy – WANT to believe that Atheists have a had time with life – which, naturally leads to death.

        Since both you and I know – from personal experience – that Atheists have a great time with Life – which bothers those Christian Witnesses – because – the Christians Witnesses have such a Vested interest in FEELING that they have – the Truth, a way, and a light – dull, though it may be.

        Thanks for posting Ruth – you are refreshing to read.

        Faithlessly yours,

        Bob Allen

  • s dasqui

    No human is perfect whether a believer or not. Believers in Christ simply recognize our imperfections and our need for forgiveness. He who the Son sets free is free indeed. May peace be with you all!

    • Robert Allen

      Atheists tend to be easier to live with than Christian Witness type folk – because Christian Witness type folk tend to Over Extend their Personal Ego Boundaries – to others – While Atheists tend to keep their Personal Ego Boundaries to themselves.

      I, as an Atheist – Witness for Atheism. Christian Witness type folk – Witness for Christ – and Want to Push this Christ-Like Witness on to others. Simple as that.

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