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HELP WANTED: New Way To Recruit Employees

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Lots of companies say they just can't find help good help these days but one start-up in Des Moines is changing the way they search.

At DomiKnow, a digital marketing company out of Des Moines, a resume and cover letter doesn't cut it.

"You can't see in a resume that someone is going to show up to work on time,” said Bryan Webber, chief marketing officer for DomiKnow.

The company needs five more employees and came up with a creative, unorthodox way to find them. They created the Jumpstart Games.

It's a weekend long tryout designed to find creative individuals who can actually do the job they're applying for. Real-life scenarios are designed to test the applicant’s ability to work as part of a team and with promoting companies through social media.

“They're also getting thrown different kinds of competitions like creative writing and graphic design competitions,” Webber said.

Hannah Jones, a marketing graduate from Graceland University in Lamoni and Andrea Doubleday, a former student at DMACC may not stand out in a stack of papers.

Here they can prove that an impressive resume sometimes is only ink deep.

"They're going to see who you are and how you work on a team. You can't fake yourself for two days,” Jones said.

"Here I get to be myself and sparkle and show that I’m brighter than my black and white resume,” Doubleday said.

DomiKnow hopes to host the Jumpstart Games four times a year as the company continues to grow.  It currently employs 20 people.


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