BUSINESS CLOSING: American TV Shutting Down

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A Wisconsin-based furniture and appliance chain, with two stores in Iowa, is closing.

American TV sent out a news release Monday saying the business, which has been in business for 60 years, will close at the completion of its going out of business sale.

The chain has 11 stores in three Midwest states and employs 989 people. The Iowa stores are in Johnston and Davenport.

The news release cites the economy and difficult conditions in the industry for the past five years as the reason for the closure.

Employees are being offered compensation and benefits through the notification period and most will continue to work through the closing process.

The going out of business sale begins Thursday, February 20th.


  • Dissatisfied customer

    for economic reasons, I hate to see a business close. HOWEVER, this place is HORRID. They bring shame to the name ‘American’. We were blatantly cheated and lied to when we made our one, and only, purchase there. The delivery was botched, then they refused to refund our delivery fee because they contract that out. We bought a washer and dryer, neither one worked. They weren’t going to replace the faulty washer and dryer. They weren’t going to give us a refund. They were gong to give us PARTIAL credit towards another washer and dryer in their store!! (we had bought scratch and dent, the ONLY problem, per their salesman, was that the washer was truly scratched, the dryer had been lent out while they repaired a customers dryer so it could not be sold as new any longer). Because they were scratch and dent, they said they wouldn’t replace them with functioning appliances.
    They sent out a repair man who told them the washer was not repairable. They think the delivery guys dropped it off of the truck when they were loading it.
    The dryer wouldn’t even turn on.
    we finally got the washer and dryer replaced, after writing letters to the corporate headquarters.
    Then the door fell off of the second dryer they brought us. They said they had to send out a repairman to evaluate it. He called my husband, 2 hours after he was supposed to be there to look at it. he was running late, so, he just wasn’t going to come. We said no, that was not acceptable. We had been waiting around for him for hours, it was not our fault he was late he would come out that night. He wasn’t coming to fix the dryer, just verify that the door had fallen off. We had to schedule ANOTHER appointment to actually have it fixed.
    So…….2 months after spending a huge amount at American on a new washer and dryer, I was still visiting the Laundromat. I have never set foot in their store again.

  • Mitchell

    ^^^ What he said 100%. And it probably wasn’t economic reasons, it’s more “We don’t want to offer customer service, so people are shopping elsewhere.”

  • brad

    I couldn’t agree more with both posters so far.. I will add that the treatment of the employee’s wasn’t any better than the customers.. was one of the worst companies I have ever gave my time to…

  • Coffee Pot

    ahh, isn’t a scratch and dent buy, an as is purchase? And that means it is not new, so no new warranty? And no new trade in? And they finally give you new ones? hmmm. And on the new one, the repair guy had problems and couldn’t be there that day? And you spent HUGE amounts of money???? Well hey, here in Obamaland we would have them horsewhipped within an inch of their life and deport the sales manager. They are probably glad you didn’t come back.

    • Dissatisfied customer

      Um, Coffee Pot, scratch and dent is still expected to actually function. When we started the washer, water ran all over the floor. When the repairman took the back off to fix it, pieces fell out on the floor. He is the one that said it looked like it had been dropped off of the delivery truck and could not be fixed.

      Scratch and dent means either the item has been loaned out and can no longer be sold as new, or, it has minor, superficial damage that does not affect the functionality. We were told by the salesman that both pieces had been tested and worked fine. The washer had a scratch on the door, the dryer had been a loaner for a few days. Yes, there was a warranty.

      So, are you actually saying that if you buy something from a ‘reputable’ store, that is scratch and dent merchandise, you have no right to expect it to perform it’s function? What if you go to Target and buy the ‘display’ model of a vacuum cleaner? they are selling it to you because it is out of the box. Do you not expect it to work? If it bursts into flames when you plug it in, is that just too bad?

      As for the repairman not wanting to show up to verify that the door fell off of the ‘brand new’ dryer they had brought us…..we had already taken multiple days off of work to be there to deal with them due to THEIR mistakes. Why should I have to take yet another day off waiting for a repairman that will be there sometimes between 10 am and 6 pm? I am paid hourly and only get paid for the hours I am at work. So…we paid $2000+ (which to my family is a lot of money) for this washer and dryer, neither of which worked, then I lost several hundred dollars on top of that taking time off to be home for the multiple service calls.

      We paid for the initial delivery AND HOOK UP. The delivery men did not bring the water hoses for the washer (which had been paid for) and they did not bring the electrical cord for the dryer (which is included in the purchase of the dryer). When we called them, they told us ‘tough’, they delivered the washer and dryer. I could just make another trip out there to get the hookups that should have come with it. I said that I wanted half of my fee back. I had paid for DELIVERY AND HOOK UP and only got delivery. They told me that was not their problem as they contracted out the delivery.

      Had they been willing to refund what we spent on the land fill crap they delivered to our home, we would have happily gone elsewhere. They refused to refund our money. They would only allow us to apply part of it to another in store purchase. Sounds very illegal to me. We should have turned them in to the BBB then.

      And Coffee Pot, what in the world does Obama have to do with any of this? I think it’s time for your meds.

    • Dissatisfied customer

      Coffee Pot, you are an idiot.

      First off, what in the world does Obama have to do with a dishonest appliance store in Iowa?

      Second, scratch and dent does come with a warranty. ‘Scratch and dent’ doesn’t mean ‘non functional’. It means there is either some cosmetic damage or it has been used as a loaner. We were assured that both appliances had been tested and worked perfectly.

      Third, I ended up taking 4 days off work in order to straighten this mess out. I don’t get paid if I don’t work. So when their repairman told me he would be there sometime between 10 am and 6 pm, I had to take a full day off. He was coming that day as I was not taking yet another day off on the hopes he might decide to show up.

      Fourth, yes, on our incomes, the $2000+ that we had spent on a washer and dryer and the stands for them was a HUGE amount of money. Not to mention all of the lost wages and the extra trips from the south side to Urbandale to deal with this mess.

      My personal opinion, the store drove themselves out of business. I feel bad for the employees that are losing their jobs.

  • Tiana Hopkins

    I too also had customer service problems with them. Over a broken washer on warranty that took 2 months to fix, and no reimbursement for having to use a laundromat.

  • G

    My grandfather started this company and my family still owns it. Its sad to see it closing after all this time. And I’m sorry to hear that people had a poor experience there.

    • Dissatisfied customer

      Well, ‘G’, either your family is encouraging a lot of very questionable business practices, or they are so far removed from the store they have no idea what is going on there. Your family is from Wisconsin and you read the Des Moines Iowa news channel? Must be a slow day in Wisconsin.

  • j

    I got hired there as a manager in training. When they would run low price adds and tvs and such we were basicly told to put high pressure on purchasing high end surround systems. They would advertise stuff real cheap that we never had. If you all remember each store had a huge amount of returned product sold for open items .Needless to say im glad i left the place!

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