HAPPY REUNION: Family Reunited After 2 Decades

After two decades apart, an Iowa father and his daughter are back together for good.

Jon Armstrong's daughter, Kimberly was moved to Germany by her mother as a one-year-old without his consent.

Now 20-years-old, and the mother to a two-year old girl, Kimberly decided she wants to be closer to her Dad and for him to be closer to his granddaughter.

Although the two have made trips to see each other over the years, this is the first time Kimberly will be living in the same town as her Dad in nearly 20 years.

Jon says it's a new opportunity to get to experience moments with his granddaughter he missed with his daughter.

“Getting the opportunity and chance to actually be a part of my granddaughter’s life and re-establish a relationship with my daughter just means so much to me,” says Jon Armstrong.

Jon helped set up an apartment for his daughter and granddaughter.

Kimberly says she's excited to be here in Iowa and plans to look for a job soon.

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