NEW DAWN: DM’s Steve Higgins On ‘Tonight Show’

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Monday sees Jimmy Fallon become the new Johnny Carson and Des Moines-native Steve Higgins the new Ed McMahon.

They will officially make the move from “The Late Show” to “The Tonight Show” and Higgins will have friends and family watching.

Time and again, Higgins dropped Iowa references into “The Late Show”.  Jimmy Fallon even added support to a Channel 13 icon when he got several guests to “save Floppy”.

Since graduating from Roosevelt High School in the early 80’s, Higgins has spent much of his time in show business.  The 50-year-old had his own series on Comedy Central and been a producer at Saturday Night Live.

Higgins’ friends say the success hasn’t changed him and they see much of “good old Steve” in his work with Fallon.

“Especially in the digital shorts – I don`t know if you`ve seen the one where they`re doing the Cirque du Soleil stuff and they come out in the blue leotards,” says school friend Mac Stanfield. “Steve keeps squeezing the water bottle in his face – he`s been doing that for years!”

Higgins has three brothers who all live out of state but his sister Vianne still lives in Des Moines.