VERITAS FORUM: Os Guinness Discusses Faith


His ancestors in Ireland started a beer company. That company launched a promotional book that became even bigger.  Guinness beer launched the Guinness Book of World Records.

Os Guinness did not follow in either of those pursuits — he is an author and philosopher who is speaking as part of the Iowa State University Veritas Forum.

Sunday night he spoke about how people need to find who they are to find fulfillment.   He cites his own family as an example.

“My mother was a surgeon. I had no interest in blood or bodies or surgery — anything like that. There was a while I thought I was a magpie born in the wrong nest. I love ideas and things like that, it was only when I discovered who I was, that’s what God made me to be,” says Guinness.

Os Guinness will speak again Monday night at the Veritas Forum. The topic is religious freedom, living with our deepest differences. It begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Iowa State Memorial Union.

There is no admission charge.


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