VOTING RIGHTS: Branstad Criticizes US AG Eric Holder

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Governor Branstad is in a war of words with US Attorney General Eric Holder.

It started when Holder identified Iowa as one of eleven states that doesn’t automatically restore voting rights once a person is released from prison.

Holder says the policy is unjust.

In Iowa convicted felons must complete any prison sentence and probation along with being current on any court-ordered restitution or fees before petitioning the governor to have voting rights restored.

ā€œIā€™m disappointed that the Attorney General of the United States who also was involved in that fast and furious project to give guns to drug smugglers in Mexico would criticize Iowa without even knowing the Iowa constitution.ā€

Since taking office Governor Branstad has reinstated voting rights to 41 convicted felons.


  • Anonymous

    As with everything else in this administration… Holding someone accountable for their actions is not a priority. Go figure. So long as they can continue to shove their socialism down peoples throats.. but hey, that’s ok …RIGHT?? Can’t wait to vote.

  • William Denison

    Holder gives guns to drug smugglers in Mexico and Terry gives them jobs here in Iowa with his long lost war on weed.Legalize cannabis and put drug smugglers out of a job.

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