CITY SETTLES: $75K To Groom Bloodied By DM Cop

Posted on: 9:42 pm, February 18, 2014, by , updated on: 10:47pm, February 18, 2014

The city of Des Moines is paying a $75,000 settlement to a man who says he was beaten by police at his own wedding reception, even though police insist officers did nothing wrong.

In 2011, Jake Twombly says he shoved one of his groomsmen into an off duty officer at his reception. The officer called for back-up and Twombly was arrested. But he says after he was handcuffed and face down on the floor, Officer Cody Grimes beat him unconscious, breaking two bones in Twombly’s face.

“Yeah, I think he’s real dangerous,” Twombly says of Grimes, “I think he should be reviewed and fired.”

“Plenty of officers get accused of things or get involved with things that are high profile that may seem on the outside to be inappropriate but we look at it internally and it’s cleared with that,” says Police spokesman Sergeant Jason Halifax.

Des Moines police cleared Grimes of any wrong doing, but they will not turn over the report.

This is not the first time Grimes has been in the news. In 2010 he shot at a news photographer while responding to a call. And just three months ago he was arrested for domestic abuse. Grimes remains on paid leave pending the outcome of that case.


  • Ruby says:

    well I’d say DMPD better get their pocketbooks ready if they keep this man on the force

  • Coffee Pot says:

    If this is a quality officer they defend, what are the rest of them like?

  • Mike Russell says:

    I’d go further and say this “man” is a liability to DSM and will literally become one in the future, Shame!

  • ew says:

    where there is one bad apple….

    • ew says:

      and one more thing to all those who defended this guy… let me guess this guy is lieing to?

      • I think we have ALL had a time when we do something we regret and I know we have all done something that is taken WAY out of context, not to mention made accusations without truly getting both sides of the story. I think if we are going to dig so deeply into the officer’s past maybe we should also take a moment and look into the “victim’s” past and maybe we will find out it’s not their first time in the news either.

  • William Denison says:

    Officer Cody Grimes PTSD??

  • Bill says:

    Just out of pure curiosity, why would you need an off duty police officer at your wedding reception? It should just be family and friends.

    The wedding party sounds like poor white trash to me.

  • Rusty Weeks says:

    whoa, whoa, whoa… arrested for domestic abuse? I lost a job in security for that. The charges were later dismissed, but this cop is still being paid? Fire him!! Get your act together, Des Moines!!!

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