HOUSE BILL: ‘In God We Trust’ In All Schools

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in god we trust

A bill introduced in the Iowa House Tuesday would require school districts to display the motto “In God We Trust” in all schools.

The bill sights federal law saying the phrase is the national motto of the US.

Schools would be allowed to display the motto in a number of ways such as a plaque or in artwork by students.

The bill has been assigned to the education committee.


  • How stupid are the republicans going to get this year? About that stupid.

  • Robert Allen says:

    Just because – during the Eisenhower Administration (Republican, by the way) in the 1950s – with John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State – and brother Allen, heading up the CIA (so that what the State Department couldn’t get with diplomacy – brother Allen could do with the CIA [think government overthrow in Guatemala, think government overthrow in Iran {a popularly elected government} - and replacement with the Shah, running a military dictatorship]) – the National Motto was changed from “E pluribus unum” to “In God we Trust” – DOESN’T mean that this is a good National Motto!!!!

    E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”) IS a far better – and MORE descriptive – National Motto that some Clap-trap that implies Theocracy within OUR Country, America, the Beautiful !!!!

  • R. Sanders says:

    “The bill sights federal law saying the phrase is the national motto of the US.”
    That should be ‘cites’, not ‘sights’. Isn’t there an editor for web articles?

    Just because Congress forced that statement down our throats once during the Cold War in defiance of the second Amendment doesn’t mean it’s right to force government approved religion down the throats of our kids. That’s explicitly what the second Amendment was enacted to prevent.

    I doubt the sponsor of that bill really expects it to be passed. It’s meant to curry favor with the Christian right voters in their district.

    • James Hart says:

      Far better than what is being forced down our throats by them today! I’m guessing that it was VERY widely received at the time as well.

  • I would guess that if they do that, and a student protests because it is against their beliefs, this would be another test case based on Tinker vs. Board of Education. They protest kid will when.
    I think there are more pressing issues to be displayed in the school

  • Anonymous says:

    I see the non believers are already crying on here…

  • Withheld says:

    Don’t have to be a non-believer to believe in equality for all. It may be called ‘a moment of silence,’ but you know full well it’s a call to prayer, and in a predominantly Christian country, to one particular aspect of the Divine, regardless of creed. You couldn’t legislate a plaque -In God, Goddess, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, Ik Onkar, and any other as yet unknown names of the Universal Deity or Pantheon, should It or They exist, do we trust.

    And I am SO glad I’m not the only one who noticed it should be cites. Begs the question, is the online content perhaps prepared by a computer program which types the text from spoken word, i.e. audio track of broadcast segment? If WHO needs an editor, I could help, and I have similar experience.

  • Robert Allen says:

    Ever since 1791 when OUR First Amendment was adopted to OUR Constitution – MANY Christians have Violated the Establishment Clause that Prevents the usage of Public Tax-money for Private religious thingies.

    WHY do these Christians – who HATE Our Constitution SO much – even want to live in America – THE Leading Democracy of the FREE World (or so the Propaganda tells us) ??????

  • Coffee Pot says:

    Looks to me like the Republicans are trying to keep this country’s beliefs, as they should be. Last great act to keep our country as it used to be.
    Remember the commercial with the Indian shedding a tear for what has happened to his country? Now you could replace him with a WW2 vet.

    • ROFL !!!

      Which beliefs are those? The ones that burned innocent children as witches? The ones that let “Christians” commit genocide against indigenous people and steal their land? The one that says money is the true God?

      If you’re such a courageous patriot Christian, why do you post like a cowardly troll?

      • Robert Allen says:

        Ya, Troy – that Coffee Pot guy/gal/trans-sexual/whatever is a barrow of laughs – particularly with that sense of History that permeates the comment that is posted !!!!!

        Not Only that, Troy – but the posting Is a Christian Witness – that Shows Everyone – what an Interpretation of Christ-Likeness looks and sounds like – With that Christian Witness !!!!!

        I, as an Atheist – Love this Kind of Christian Witness – because it Says So Loudly – What Christ-Likeness – In Action – Looks and Sounds like !!

    • Robert Allen says:

      Hey, Coffee Pot – SINCE America – broke WELL over 100 Peace Treaties – With Native Americans – PASSED by Congress and Signed by the President – AS you say – “Looks to me like the Republicans are trying to keep this country’s beliefs, as they should be.”

      YUP – America has Broken More Treaties than Nazi Germany Ever Broke !!!!!!

      USA – USA – USA – USA !!!!

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