NEW BILL: Effort To Make Fireworks Legal


A bill that would legalize some fireworks is moving ahead in the state Senate

A subcommittee has approved the bill that would allow bottle rockets and roman candles to be sold in Iowa.

A bill in the Iowa House would legalize even more types of fireworks. It would also give the tax money from sales to local fire departments.

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  • James Hart

    Wow…. just do this already. Why is Iowa so slow and far behind on some of the simplest laws? The Iowa government likes to fancy themselves as “progressive” but we can’t have fireworks or marijuana.

    • Ishmale Whale

      James Hart, Iowa is not progressive. Iowa likes to stick to the old ways. Some of our representatives are so old and out of touch with current trends and what the young voters want. And the older politicians are not very educated on current science and don’t trust the people.

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