NEW OWNERS: Cosi Cucina Re-Opening

cosi cucina

A locally owned restaurant the closed over the weekend is re-opening under new ownership.

Cosi Cucina served what many thought would be its last meal on Sunday, February 16th. The owners had announced on the restaurant’s Facebook page that, “We have explored many options to keep our doors open without much success; and as a result, we are left with no option but to close our doors.”

Tuesday, that same Facebook page hosted a different message – one that told the story of a new chapter for Cosi Cucina.

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  • Susan

    They closed because over the years their food quality and service went downhill steadily.

    With all the restaurant on every corner, you cannot survive being marginal.

  • Ishmale Whale

    Food service is a thin margin cut throat industry with so much competition. Cut corners, you loose customers. Become to expensive with high quality food, you can still loose customers in this current economy. Being in an area over saturated with fast food places, things can get very tight fast. A meal at McDonald’s can run $6.00 or less. At a restaurant, $12.95+. Fast food is low quality, but you feel full on the cheap.

  • David

    I think the sale was already planned, but this going out of business thing was a great way to get extra Valentines day business. Scam…

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