Medical Marijuana

Parents fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Iowa are talking with lawmakers during a hearing Tuesday at the Statehouse.

Among the group will be two mothers we introduced earlier this month, Sally Gaer and Maria La France. Gaer’s 23-year-old daughter Margaret suffers from Dravet Syndrome. It’s a rare and devastating form of epilepsy.

La France’s 12-year-old son Quincy has had seizures since he was five-months-old.

In both cases, prescription drugs either haven’t worked or have made certain symptoms worse. Both mothers believe some form of medical marijuana could help their child live a normal life.

“It`s complete torture to know there is something out there that can heal his brain, that`s an anti-inflammatory, an anti-spasmodic, that`s completely natural, I want to get my hands on it,” says La France.

Gaer says, “We`re looking for medicine, we`re not looking for any kind of recreational use we`re looking for help to make our loved ones lives better and our lives better,” says Gaer.

There are two bills on the table at the Statehouse.

The first would reclassify the drug, so that it could be used for medical purposes. The second would create a medical marijuana program to effectively license people to obtain it in Iowa.


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