SNOW ROUTES: Motorists Ticketed Unfairly

Posted on: 11:22 pm, February 20, 2014, by

If you live in the city of Des Moines, you may have to pay a parking fine and a fee, without even knowing you were ticketed.

Police were out writing tickets Thursday for cars that were parked along snow routes. We spotted one officer writing tickets for about a dozen cars on Southwest Fifth. But instead of putting the tickets under the windshield wiper like police say he should have been, he put them in the small crack between the fender and the hood.

Within minutes, most of the tickets had blown off the cars. And unless drivers spotted them lying in the slush, chances are those drivers will have to pay a late fee on top of the fine.

David Hanks of Des Moines said he found his ticket in the slush by his passenger side front tire.

“They are just doing a job which is, I understand that, but they gotta do the job completely.” Hanks said, shaking off his dripping wet ticket,

“If they’re gonna put a ticket on my car make sure it stays there. Make sure I’m able to see it,” he said.

According to the ticket, offenders who do not pay in 30-days will have a $5 fee on top of the $35 ticket. But Hanks wonders how people will avoid that late fee if they don’t even know they were ticketed.

We reported what we saw to police and we were told the officer would go back and fix the problem. But when we checked back an hour later, the tickets were still in the slush.


  • Sounds to me Like This Officer did this On Purpose !! They know to put them under the Wiper Blade .. Wow, talk about a Low blow.

  • Kathi Lott says:

    every ticket wrote by that cop on that day needs to be recalled and the cop needs to make a public apology along with being put on a suspension for a couple days with out pay!! that or he should have to pay every ticket he issued.

  • And did you follow up with the police and ask why they lied to you about going back and fixing the problem?

  • H W Hawkins says:

    Agreed tis cop was wrong. However, getting a ticket and towing to an impound lot is standard fare in Minn. As always the best advice is FOLLOW THE RULES!

  • Kenneth McGill says:

    Getting a ticket is never good. Beware in Washington DC. Initial parking fine $100. If not paid in 30 days it goes up to $200. If not paid after 60 days it goes on your credit report.

  • Des Moines creates the problem with poor planning period.

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