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PHOTO GALLERY: February Winter Storm

Posted on: 11:38 am, February 20, 2014, by , updated on: 04:34pm, February 20, 2014

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  • Spring or Winfer - Martensdale

  • Snow In Fort Dodge- Amy Joslin

  • Is this hail? Ice? Is there a weather word for this? This is on our deck railing in Ankeny!

  • Showing Love To The Best People Around Channel 13 :)- Amy Joslin

  • Hail, Lightening and Thunder in St Charles, IA at Nazworthy's house at 10:40am.

  • Some small hail fell in Agency, Iowa today, reaching our front porch. Photo taken at 1:19 PM.

  • It is just raining hail and it isn't stopping

  • BEE Bee size Hail raining down on South side of Des Monies IA

  • it looks like Snow, but it is Hail and a lot of it

  • Hail just North of Altoona 2/19/14

  • It looks like snow, but it is hail just coming out of the sky, Only In Iowa

  • Pea sized hail; coverage looks like snow- West Glen;West Des Moines--Harper Levy Buman

  • Hail in Ankeny at 11:10 this morning... A little smaller than pea-sized.--Devin Jones

  • Dippin' Dots in Windsor Heights--Allyson Sander

  • Grant Dean, pea sized hail

  • Catching hail in west des moines!!!--Jessica Joy

  • Hail in Urbandale

  • Bob Paterson, Guthrie Center

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