ANIMAL NEGLECT: 300 Animals Taken From Home

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300 animals are now at the Animal Rescue League tonight after being seized from a southeast Iowa home. Authorities found out this morning about the situation at a home in Drakesville. That's about 20 miles south of Ottumwa in Davis county.
Officials say there are about 30 different types of animals and some of them didn't survive.
Channel 13's Stephanie Moore joins us live from the Animal Rescue League with the latest.


  • cindy walraven

    Ok so not to be to critical here but i really find it hard to believe that this man lived in town, he had several neighbors and not one person noticed all the dead animals laying all over his yard or smelled them (Spring, summer, fall) because it appears from the look of his yard this has been going on for a long time!! This is exactly what is wrong with people today! No one wants to get involved and do what is right. They are too worried how it will affect them not what damage someone else could be doing to children, the elderly, Animals or anyone for that matter. This just saddens me so much and makes me sick to my stomach. But I do remember years ago in a very remote area when i read meters i saw a house with dead animals laying in the yard and immediately drove to the sheriffs office and turned them in. I am sure they knew I had turned them in because the next time I came they had their driveway blocked. Believe me I am not saying i am perfect by any means. I know personally myself where I choose not to get involved when I was younger. I just hope we all can really teach our children who are this world’s future how important it is to do the right thing.

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