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A Division of Criminal Investigation agent’s actions during an incident at the Catfish Bend Casino earlier this month have been ruled justified.

Special Agent James Jenkins responded to a call that someone was breaking into cars at the Burlington casino’s parking lot on February 12th. The suspect, 40-year-old David Cross, allegedly tried to run over Jenkins using a stolen car.

Jenkins fired three shots at the suspect and Cross then fled the area after hitting the agent’s patrol car. No one was injured in the incident.

Cross wasn’t located until the following day.

The Des Moines County Attorney says Jenkins’ actions were defensive in nature and were enacted to protect himself. The attorney has ruled the shooting justified.

Cross is charged with interference with official acts, assault on a peace officer, and operating a vehicle without owner’s consent.


  • Matt

    Does anyone proof read anymore? So, who is Jensen? Jensen fired and then fled after hitting Cross’s patrol car? Cross is the suspect and is also driving a patrol car? Is cross also an officer?? What does Special Agent Jenkins have to do with any of this? According to the article, he neither fired nor was the officer/suspect…..just pathetic writing.

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