THE INSIDERS: Governor Candidate Jack Hatch

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In this week's Insiders, Channel 13's Dave Price talks to Des Moines State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch about restoring voting rights to convicted felons. The issue pitted U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder against Governor Terry Branstad. Holder has criticized Iowa's policy on restoring voting rights to felons. Senator Hatch shares his thoughts on the current system and the need for change.

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  • Debbie

    Why the question as to why our governor has no black appointees? While I see perhaps the larger point to be made regarding the importance of a balanced ethnic representation in leadership, why single out blacks? We have many ethnic groups represented in the state of Iowa with Hispanics representing the largest non-white ethnic group.

  • William Denison

    It really dosn’t matter what color you may be in the state of Iowa unless your white. Terry Branstad and the rest of Iowa republincans are largely racist. Just look at the number of blacks and hispanics locked up compared to whites for the same offence. I’ve live in Iowa my whole life and I have never seen a black person in a state job.I have seen hispanics but only as translators.

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