HOARDING CASE: Some Animals Already Adopted

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The Animal Rescue League says 58 animals seized from Davis County already have new homes.

Nearly 300 animals were taken from Roger Blew's Drakesville home Friday. Sixty additional animals were found dead on the property.

The surviving animals were brought to Des Moines and left in the Animal Rescue League's care.

Animal rescue officials are working to find homes for the healthy animals taken from Blew's home.

“We`ve been working to get them into a cleaner environment, we`ve set them up with separated cages to where they`re not fighting, and they`ve become a lot happier,” says ARL Animal Care Technician Casey Coker.

Coker has been helping the nearly 300 animals that were seized from the home on Friday.

The animals in 30 different varieties all have certain dietary and treatment needs keeping everyone at the ARL busy.

“That`s our staff and volunteers mission, is make them comfortable and give them what they need for habitat until we can get them in the proper home as quickly as possible,” says ARL Executive Director Tom Colvin.

Luckily, 58 animals have already been adopted including all the pigeons and a lot of the chickens.

Until the rest can find homes, employees will continue to care for the mistreated animals helping them become more comfortable around people.

“It is hard to see but it`s also rewarding to know they are out of that situation and get to come to one of these places to where we can make it better for them,” says Coker.

Roger Blew pleaded not guilty to one count of improperly confining animals and three counts of animal cruelty.

These charges were for the more than 20 animals found in his van last week.

Those animals led officials to Blew’s home, multiple animal neglect charges are pending in that case.

The ARL is always in need of monetary donations, but it's also in need of timothy hay, corn cob bedding and pine bedding to help with the rescued animals care.

Donated items can be dropped off at the ARL Headquarters at 5452 N.E. 22nd St
Des Moines, IA 50313

For more information on the ARL click here.


  • paul

    Can I adopt some of these and then have them for supper? Why we are barrowing money to pay for the food stamps so people can eat.

    • Ms. JJM

      Well Paul lets talk about food stamps! Perhaps if these people that are on food stamps(and you might be one) were required to go out and look for work and their work searches were monitored by the state like unemployment is they would be more motivated to get out and look for employment so they could feed themselves and lift some of the burden off the state and those that do work and pay taxes.
      The animals that were seized cost YOU nothing and they have no control over their plight in life! So get off your high horse and know what you’re talking about.

  • Ms. JJM

    Just wondering if the residents of Drakesville in Davis County are deaf dumb and blind that the conditions at the home of Roger Blew and the plight of 300 animals went unreported because as it appears he lives in a somewhat populated area and has neighbors. When conditions like this exsist and you see it or even suspect people need to stand up on their hind legs and get involved and report it. Way too much animal cruelty and neglect in the state of Iowa. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU IN DRAKESVILLE!!!

  • Ann

    Per the new and Animal controal he had quoted from reporter…
    60 Mice & Rats
    40 Pigeons….
    30 Chickens….
    30 Rabbits…..
    160 in just small stuff…..
    hand full of Sugar gliders, turkeys
    I saw goats and kids.
    1 Dog
    1 Cat
    1 Kitten

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