KNOCKOUT GAME: Dangerous Attacks In Ames

Police in Ames are investigating what could be a case of the “knockout game.”

The “knockout game” is where someone hits an unsuspecting victim without provocation, trying to knock that person out with one punch. Generally it’s associated with big cities like New York and Philadelphia. Now, it could be happening in Ames.

On three separate occasions on February 16th, students tell police they were approached by a black man with dreadlocks who hit them for no apparent reason. The suspect then took off in a dark colored car with at least one other person inside.

Nathan Bond, a student at ISU, had to have his jaw wired shut because it was broken in the attack.

“This car pulled up and didn’t think nothing of it and this guy jumps out with a smile on his face and I’m like, oh you know, what’s going on?” Bond recalls. “Next thing I know I’m on the ground picking myself up, just full of blood. I look and I see the car and by the time I’m standing up he’s in the car and driving.”

Ames police say this sure looks like a case of the “knockout game.”

“You know, we’ve seen the videos we’ve heard of it, this would be kind of similar to those kinds of incidents,” says Commander Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department. “You know it really is a victim that didn’t see it coming and obviously didn’t deserve it.”

Police are recommending students walk in groups and in well lit areas until the suspect is caught.


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