KNOCKOUT GAME: Dangerous Attacks In Ames

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Police in Ames are investigating what could be a case of the "knockout game."

The "knockout game" is where someone hits an unsuspecting victim without provocation, trying to knock that person out with one punch. Generally it's associated with big cities like New York and Philadelphia. Now, it could be happening in Ames.

On three separate occasions on February 16th, students tell police they were approached by a black man with dreadlocks who hit them for no apparent reason. The suspect then took off in a dark colored car with at least one other person inside.

Nathan Bond, a student at ISU, had to have his jaw wired shut because it was broken in the attack.

"This car pulled up and didn't think nothing of it and this guy jumps out with a smile on his face and I'm like, oh you know, what's going on?" Bond recalls. "Next thing I know I'm on the ground picking myself up, just full of blood. I look and I see the car and by the time I'm standing up he's in the car and driving."

Ames police say this sure looks like a case of the "knockout game."

"You know, we've seen the videos we've heard of it, this would be kind of similar to those kinds of incidents," says Commander Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department. "You know it really is a victim that didn't see it coming and obviously didn't deserve it."

Police are recommending students walk in groups and in well lit areas until the suspect is caught.


  • Mike

    Most cited incidents of the “knockout game” were either years-old video clips that were pulled in to create a narrative or copycat crimes happening after news sources claimed this was a trend. Are you sure this isn’t just a random act of violence, or even a non-random one perpetuated by people who knew the victims, that is being reported as a trend because it makes better news?

  • Tyler Durden

    The really ugly truth to this is that seeing one of these type of attacks coming in time to respond would be nearly impossible They are random and without warning. The thugs have the element of surprise

    Next, this type of attack would most likely be viewed as willful injury in Iowa law and that isn’t classified as a forcible felony. Responding with deadly force would probably not be viewed well by a prosecutor. Shooting the attacker after the fact would most likely not end well for the attacker either.

    So what is your best defense?

    Situation awareness
    Put distance between you and others
    Travel in groups / pairs when possible
    A glancing blow will hopefully be less severe
    Look people in the eye when they are near

    • William Denison

      Prosecutors need to understand that a blow to the brain is no different than a stab to the chest with a knife. Both can be very minor injurys or both can result in instant death. And if your being attacked how do you know if its part of a “game”being played by abunch of young black males who hate white people or if its not some meth zombie whos going to try and eat your face? Gotta fight.

      • Realist Realist

        “And if your being attacked how do you know if its part of a “game”being played by abunch of young black males who hate white people.”

        That’s actually the worse case scenario since they’ve been as dangerous as any lunatic could be. They’ve killed several people, caused tremendous disfigurement in others and many more have been damaged to the point they’ve suffered brain damage.

        They have attacked mostly lone figures, the elderly, women, and the disabled.

        And these are incidents the rabidly hostile press can’t deny, because there is video evidence of them. And in MANY instances they involve very large groups of black mobs who swarm and beat their victims, and they out number what the press is calling the “knockout game,” by a huge margin.

        Thomas Sowell said in a recent column that we have been in a one-sided black on white race war for quite a long time that has accelerated recently and which is just now developing into a two sided race war, because a large number of white people are finally waking up.

  • Mike

    Not a good idea! If you stopped and did that on me or my wife odds are you might have a nice red dot on your chest before you get too far into your act, as we both have CCP. You never know who you might hit, and what they might hit back with! Just a thought for you idiots playing games with innocent peoples lives with your “knock-out” game.

  • d

    good post mike, its just sad that self conscious guys like this are always tring to start problems acting like they fools making humans look pathetic. This is why I keep my .38 special and 45 on me, I wont kill you unless I feel my life is in danger but I will put a hole in some fool like this if he gets to close and I tell him to back up or to protect any good person possible (come into my house its a whole diff story and whole different calibers). seriously I see these self conscious black guys that will toss their arms in the air and start it up for just glancing at them and its just sad, media has ruined the minds of a generation it would appear. Your so gangster dude!! Find somebody your own size to pick on and see what happens. and if a European decent person .. white attacks a black in self defense it will get publicized and they will still seem like the bad guy. Will humanity grow up and move on and truly treat us as all equal individuals ever? Each person is a person, that is it. Seek out knowledge and better yourself kiddo. I could drive around playing the shoot out game, many less murders are caught than they like you to believe but that would get us NOWHERE, just like things like this. your just making yourself look stupid doing something like that. its too bad there wasn’t a decent citizen to help protect the kid. was hoping humanity was growing up but its almost like were going backwards socially or just at a slow crawl here in America. (many truly great black people I know that strive to do their best and are great people don’t get me wrong but this wannabe gangster stuff has to end..i could go on and on though about how cartels are probably somehow pushing this type of media so their products will be sold and consumed) maybe im just crazy to :p but I would die just to give all of us a better world without human vs human wars be it race or country or belief, we have much worse to worry about and much better to achieve.

  • Lori Moncherry

    All I have to say is: my son is a student at Iowa State,and HE will be armed, with his CCW…SO my advice is, GO AHEAD and try to beat up my kid. I can guarantee he will be forced to use his weapon to defend himself.

  • William Denison

    And blacks want to know why whites cross the street when they see a black person coming. I will never trust a black person again sadly. For every bit of progress blacks have made in this country theres always some gang of knuckle draggers that sets them back to the starting point. If blacks want to ever get ahead in this nation they better start policing themselfs and their friends and familys better. Stand your ground does not sound all that bad anymore.

  • William Denison

    I would also like to say to the gentlemen doing this is if you choose me and you do not knock me out I will try and kill you.

  • Careful Citizen

    It’s simple – just don’t let black people get too close to you. Sad but true. It’s not racist to read the trends and respond appropriately. If they get too close, draw a weapon & demand they retreat. If they do not comply then you have a right to assume their intentions are malicious & to pre-emptively protect yourself from whatever monkeyshines they have in mind. This is the fault of the black community’s bad behavior, not white racism.

  • Charles Bronson

    What a useless, piece of sh*t doing this. I live in Ames. I walk around Ames. I also have permit to carry and I do carry. If he chooses me some evening, I promise you it will the last crime this loser ever commits.

  • RoccoG

    Ames/Story Co. can thank liberal housing vouchers that brought in these Illinois blacks in the name of “diversity.”
    Yep……Ames you are done . Stick a fork in you.
    This rampant black crime there never went on 10-15-20 years ago believe me.

  • William Denison

    Something also not mentioned in this story is that some of the victims across the country have medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars as a result of their attack.

  • Chris Schear

    Is ISU one of the few schools that permit lawful citizens to concealed carry? If not, I would urge you petition your administration that the right to self-defense is something even college students should be afforded under the law.

    • RoccoG

      I would think most universities would have in place Draconian anti -gun -anti-personal defense rules.
      You are supposed to lay down and take your beating or killing willingly.
      The bleeding heart liberals will approve such action.

  • Fat Elvis

    I can see it now. Tee shirts reading “I went to Ames Iowa and all I got was this lousey tee shirt and sucker punched by a black guy.

  • Adam Wangler

    The comments on this board are disgusting. Any of you who say you aren’t racist, you’re just in denial. Shame on you guys.

    • Garret

      First person I thought of too, but didn’t want to be the only one thinking it. It may just be a coincidence that he’s 6 foot with dreads. Hopefully

  • Devon Pulliam

    I am so shocked to see how racist people really are in Ames…. These post/comments are quite ridiculous. Smh, Just hypothetically speaking, If an Asian or “White” guy had committed this malicious and senseless crime against a Black person, would it be OK for us to respond in such ways (some of) you just displayed? Shoot a white person if they get to close… <<<Just FOOLISHNESS. and most of you seem just as uneducated as the idiot that committed the crime!

    • Jackie

      Andrew and Devon, I am glad you said something… It is so shocking. This is one man. You cannot judge an entire race based on the actions of one man. If that were the case every Midwestern of German descent should start defending themselves, and any person of color, anyone handicapped, and the elderly should “cross the street” when they see someone with blond hair and blue eyes “coming.” We don’t have the right to judge period, but we really should not judge a whole people group based on the actions of one individual. Don’t let fear rule your life, the truth is every human being is capable of horrendous evil regardless of skin color.

    • Coconut

      Devon Puilliam,,,,, I am an Asian …. and I am sure that Asian will not do this act to anyone …. Blacks are bad that’s why they are black…..
      You(Devon Pulliam) walk into Black neiborhood… you will know what I am talking about ….long time ago I lived in their neighborhood so I know how they are … trust me

      • Devon Pulliam

        Coconut… You sound like a pure bread IDIOT!!! Lol, Not only am I Black, Im born and raised in the great City of Chicago and guess what!? I DONT LIVE ON A HOUSING VOUCHER! Never have and god willing will never have to!. I came to Ames for school. Graduated. Found work here and now call Ames my home. Being black, I would never commit such crime so I guess its safe for me to say that neither will any other Black guy in Ames right!? Lol dumbass

  • Andrew Gramling

    Yeah, blacks are the only ones who are terrible, because no white has ever killed a black in this country just for being black. Apparently some of you are quite selective about either what you read or what you remember. These people who commit this crime are not right for what they do, but neither is it right to label all blacks as criminals for what such a few number of people have done. You call them racist, but what are you?

    • d

      nobody is labeling all blacks as criminals idiot, its just a large portion of the group who seem to not be getting raised or taught any honor or tolerability. why are crime rates so much higher? cops arnt being racist they are responding to crimes. like said before I know many who work hard and are great people but this is becoming senseless you say to remember what has happened? so we should just let it happen again the opposite way, humanity has to learn from its mistakes and not simply repeat them like you seem to be okay with. but it seems the past will continue to repeat itself in more than just this type of instance. Nobody wants to learn from humanities past, rather ignore it or make it okay since they did it, now its only fair that another group do it?. btw I am nor black or white sooo….

  • d

    do you see white people doing anything like this LOL society has moved on for decades…almost centurys whites have tried to accept all and are giving every chance to everybody to grow. open your eyes you fools calling people racist, there is obvious racism I and we need to protect ourselves from a gang of people or even being snuck up on by somebody with intent to severely injur you.. wait until something happens to you. there was even a group who beat an old black man for nicely asking them to move from the road, he is in a wheel chair and cannot even talk, brain damage so bad he will never get up and walk again or talk this was all over the news. I have been coming home nights and the road was blocked by 30+ people who wouldn’t even let people through cause its “their block”, elderly woman were forced to turn around and go another way. Stop playing this game like your so tolerant and look at the facts of whats happening unless you are in some little dream world isolated from society. my friend has been hurt for simply trying to get home. just ironic its always these type of people? Defend yourselves and be watchful. Carry permits are great for anybody who has enough sense to use it right. The pathetic thing is if this kid would have shot to defend himself he would be getting ridiculed and looked at like he was terrible for it because of this racism, how sad is it that you have to be getting beat to the floor to even justifiably defend yourself and even then you will be probably getting a sentence? If it was a white vs white guy and he shot to defend it would be tolerable but no I guarantee it would raise all kinds of bs if it was two races and the kid would be going to jail.

      • Coconut

        Andrew Gam…… I am an Asian … I dont think White or yellow just do this act…..sure they could punch you in the face if you would mess with them …..

      • Andrew Gramling

        My friend, I have lived in China for several years, and I have SEEN much worse than this. It doesn’t do any good for anyone to blame one race for violent behavior. That is the definition of racism.

  • victor

    Hmm. So a white guy claims he was knocked out by a black guy and wveryone believes him. White privilege at its finest.

    • Ben

      Not one white guy – three different white guys, in separate incidences, on the same day, all giving the same description…

  • Emma

    The three specific events mentioned in this article have been done by one person. One. I cannot believe people are seriously making this into a race war. I am appalled that anybody in my community would make such hateful remarks toward a group of people simply because of the color of their skin. Race is a completely socially construed concept. If you go into a lab and compare your genes to a large group of people, statistics show that you are actually more likely to be genetically closer to someone of a different race than someone of your own race. Underneath it all, we are all the same, we just come from different ancestors who lived in different parts of the world. Outward arrogant hate towards an individual can have dire consequences. Have you heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy? Tell someone their whole life that they’re stupid, and they probably won’t amount to much. Consistently being told you’re a criminal based on the color of your skin?…. Come on, people. Stop trying to people up for failure just because they’re different than you on the outside.

    To anyone who has been making these disgusting remarks, I strongly encourage you to educate yourselves. I also encourage you to look more into this terrible fad that has been going around. I have seen videos of people of numerous races participate in this. To be honest, the main common factor between most of the videos is that the attackers have been mainly men. Why not make this a gender war too? Men can’t be trusted. Men will use their strength and stature over the unsuspecting. Men are terrible people. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Generalizing the entire male species based off a few males’ actions is ignorant. Making the same generalization for people of a different skin color than you is just as ridiculous.

    I also want to comment to anybody who made a sports reference along the lines of, “I hope it wasn’t (fill in the he name here), I really wanted him to play for us.” I sincerely hope you weren’t suggesting that the only worth of that person is their eligibility to play a sport.

    I grew up in Ames. I am proud to call it my home. I am also proud that I share it with a decently diverse group of people.

  • Michelle

    Comments need to be disabled for this article. The racially-charged comments hurt everyone, and it is irresponsible of WHO to leave them up.

    And ditto to everything that Emma said.

  • Concerned Resident of Ames

    If it was a white guy doing the knockout game to a black guy it would be a hate crime. And i bet that Al Sharpton would put ames on national TV saying that this person needs life in prison. Ive lived in Ames all my life and theres definitely a difference in crime and the people responsible i would have to say from 2005 on. People might call me racist or what not but come on its the sad truth of the black community, i mean maybe they could act like harrison barnes who grew up in a single mother home and became not only an outstanding athlete but an outstanding human being. the fact is they try to live the thug life and thats not how society works

    • RoccoG

      Call your Ames city council members and bug them about your concerns!
      Tell them no more Section 8 apartments and tax beaks for local landlords who rent to these scumbags from Illinois.
      Your city is dying.
      See Iowa City if you think I’m being over dramatic.

  • Steve

    I would say that type of crime would be an attack and could be deemed as a deadly attack. Trust me when I say if someone did this to me, one of my family, I would use deadly force in retaliation. I don’t care what color, race, women, or man.

  • patty

    You people that say let them hit us, I’ll shoot them or use my stun gun. If you are unexpectedly hit and knocked out, how the hell you gonna do anything cause when they hit they hit hard. Be safe people and Godspeed.

  • Tyler

    all of you blaming the black race, you are ignorant. There are individuals in all races that do bad things. It is ignorant of you to think that there are not white people that think they are ” Gangstas” and go around assaulting random people. So it seems to me that instead of blacks needing to educate themselves and needing to “stop being knuckle draggers”. We should all show more tolerance for people that may not look, act, speak the same as you do. This is 2014 for F!@#! sake start acting like adults, show some tolerance towards others. Your childern will see this and they will in turn do the same. It wont happen overnight but maybe someday you will see that “black guy” that made you nervous because he is different than you for what he is… JUST ANOTHER PERSON. Another thought…. Maybe these “black people” that hate whites, hate us because most of us here in the midwest are accustom to predominantly white communities, schools, etcetera, and we have made other races feel unwelcome into our close nit communities. There for prepetuating the feeling of outsiders and unwanted which leads to hard feelings towards the individuals making them feel this way. I am sure that all of you posting on this will tell me i am wrong and ignorant myself, and thats fine you are all entitled your own opinions thats what makes this america. But if you ever want to have a cohesive community where whites, blacks, asians, hispanics can all cohabitate your own views and opinions need to change as well as theirs.

  • lynds

    Some people have valid reasons to dislike people of certain ethnicities. If all you have is bad encounters with people than of course you’re going to feel certain ways about them. And before you all go “but lynds, everyone should be given a chance”, I’d like to say you’re living in a fantasy land if you think that way. Everyone should have to prove themselves to you to earn your trust. Otherwise you’re just delusional. Secondly none of you anti-stand your ground people obviously have ever been put in a situation where that where there was a serious threat on your life. And if you have and still think you should just lay down and wait for someone else to show up to save you than you’re even more of a whack job that was originally suspected.

    • Andrew Gramling

      It already shows that there is something wrong with your way of thinking if you believe EVERYONE of a certain ethnicity is an unlawful citizen who should not be trusted. It’s possible that your experience is too limited to understand that there are good and bad people of every race. One race is not all good or better than any other race. What happens when someone of the same race as you betrays you? Do you think everyone of your own race should not be trusted, including yourself? Sometimes people just want to find an excuse to blame another race for the problems that exist in the world because they somehow believe it excuses his or herself from being guilty in any way.

      What is the need to shoot someone if they are attacking you with fists? Yes, I was in a situation before where I had to fight for my life, and there were 12 of the attackers, including one with a knife, and only one of me. I still won, because I am a trained fighter. Beating up a bunch of thugs is much better than killing them. The best is to be smart enough not to ever get into the need to fight or kill anyone. The situation I’m talking about was to protect a friend who was incapable of fighting back against a gang of thugs, but I still could have prevented the whole situation from happening if I would have been more decisive. Now I know better, but there is still much to learn.

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