PUPPY MILLS: Breeders Push Back On Bill

Animal rights activists believe Iowa lawmakers need better protection for animals raised by large breeders.

Mary LaHay, who founded Iowa Friends of Companion Animals, is pushing legislation to bring those changes. LaHay maintains she doesn’t have anything against breeders, “It’s the treatment. I and our organization have no issues with breeding. We just have an issue with animals being mistreated in the course of that breeding.”

SF2254 would force some breeders to make changes like using bigger kennels, allowing animals to have access to the outdoors and requiring annual state inspections.

The Iowa Pet Breeders, Iowa Federation of Animal Owners and Iowa Veterinary Medical Association all have concerns about the bill. Lobbyist Rob Hurd said the changes could make Iowa too much like Missouri, where similar changes could force nearly 2/3 of breeders out of business because of the costs associated.


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