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TAX INCENTIVES: Carrier Wants Ft. Dodge Return

Earlier this month, Great Lakes Airlines suspended it's service leaving Fort Dodge Regional Airport high and dry. Now, Great Lakes wants to come back at a considerable cost to taxpayers.

When Great Lakes Airlines suspended it’s service to Fort Dodge this month, the company cited a problem finding qualified pilots. At the time, Great Lakes was getting a $1.8 million government subsidy to provide the service. Now, Great Lakes wants to return and charge taxpayers a $2.5 million subsidy.

Great Lakes Airlines is proposing at least two daily round trips to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport or Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Air Choice One, the other carrier interested in the vacant spot, is offering up to 18-weekly round trip flights to Chicago or Saint Louis with subsidies of up to $7.4 million dollars.

"It's good to have two to pick from instead of one, only one, or none," airport director Rhonda Chambers says.

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