CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Gov. Perry Returns To Iowa

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Elections in 2016 are a long ways away. But Governor Rick Perry's return to Iowa could be seen as the beginning of another presidential campaign.

The Texas governor began Thursday afternoon with an interview on Iowa Public Television. The evening will see him in Urbandale at the Republican “victory headquarters.”

The venue is operation central for Governor Branstad's re-election campaign and other statewide candidates.

No matter how much Governor Perry says he's here for others, he'll face questions about why else he may be here.

His last experience in Iowa wasn't what he wanted. He entered the race late and spent much of the time raising money outside of Iowa instead of campaigning from town to town in Iowa trying to win over people. His infamous oops moment in that debate where he had a brain freeze didn't help his cause.

He maintained he's here to make sure his friend, Terry Branstad, gets reelected.

“He has a very important role for those of us that play in that particular team. He’s the senior guy if you will so making sure he’s reelected and working with him on issues like the National Guard," Gov. Perry said.

Perry added that once he gets through the 2014 elections the media can talk to him in December to see if he's serious about running for president again.


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