GUN SILENCERS: House Approves Bill To Lift Ban


The Iowa House approved a bill Thursday that would legalize the use of gun silencers.

“Target shooters I think in particular – it will protect their hearing, Quite frankly in the community I’m from we had a target range that used to be out in the country and now it’s in the middle of town. My guess is those neighbors will appreciate it as well,” House Speaker Kraig Paulsen said.

The bill, that passed 82 to 16, would get rid of the state law that bans the sale and possession of gun silencers.

The new legislation would require owners to register silencers.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

“We’ll take a look at that but it’s my plan not to take up any firearm legislation this year,” Sen. Rob Hogg said.

Opponents of the bill say silencers could make it more difficult for people to find safety during an active shooter event.

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